Thank you very much for your interest in being part of the MICMX team

MICMX is an international exhibition that seeks to promote the exhibition of all kinds of proposals made with or without the investment of large studios or production companies, making a positive contribution to the development of world film culture, this would not be possible without the enormous support of the volunteers, who offer their effort and dedication to the promotion of cinema in the various projection spaces, and become an essential extension of the festival by collaborating in each venue according to their particular interests.


MICMX deeply appreciates the contribution of its volunteers to keep the festival going.


For this reason, we invite all those interested to participate in the 2020 call for volunteers.


This year the festival dates will be from November 27 to December 12 in Mexico City.


The call for volunteers will be open to all interested parties from September 14 to November 13, 2020.


To participate, you only need to meet the following requirements:


  • Read the full call


  • Being over 18 years


  • Have schedule availability


  • Maintain a high level of commitment


  • Feel passion or interest in supporting the film industry


  • If selected, attend the preparatory meetings


  • Send a photo and / or scan of an official identification (IFE, INE, passport and / or professional ID) to , putting in the subject the city in which you wish to participate. It is essential to reside in it


  • Fill out the complete application that will be sent to you when we receive your official identification


  • The liaison for each state of the Tour will contact you upon receipt of your request and will schedule an interview to find out personally what your interests and expectations are


* The correct follow-up of the indications will be taken into account as the first filter in the selection process.





Volunteers help us build the projections that the MICMX has prepared throughout the show, but there are also some specific areas in which they can support according to their experience and skills.




They are the volunteers who support during the functions so that the projection is carried out successfully. They invite the audience, apply surveys, supervise the development of the projection and watch the programming that is presented.


* For this profile it is required to have patience, good humor and a kind treatment with people, since the volunteers who support in the venues have a lot of contact with the public.





Support to the Audiovisual team through the traffic of copies that are projected in various venues, the assembly of projectors and / or the supervision of the projection to ensure that the film is seen and heard correctly, among other responsibilities.


* This area requires previous experience.



Photographic record


They help to make a photographic record of everything that happens during the MICMX to be shared with the public. The photographs are integrated into the official collection of the festival and are displayed on all our social networks.


* This area requires previous experience and it is necessary to have a digital SLR camera and tripod.





Many of the guests who attend MICMX do not speak Spanish. Therefore, the support of volunteers is required to make them feel at home and help them fulfill their schedule at the festival.


* This area requires a high command of English.





Support in the preparation and execution of the festival's special events, it is about being behind the scenes,


* This area requires previous experience and flexible hours.





The volunteers help with the festival's social networks, the registration of attendees to press conferences and the contribution of new ideas for local and international dissemination.


* This area requires excellent spelling and writing.






Volunteers are vital to the development of the festival, so we hope you enjoy your experience with the MICMX team to the fullest.


To achieve this, we offer the following benefits:


  • Official MICMX accreditation


  • Official MICMX 2020 T-shirt


  • Invitation to the inaugural cocktail 2020


  • Official recognition for participation


  • Invitation to special event for volunteers


  • Exclusive access to the 2020 program, before and during it


  • Opportunity to meet people, expand horizons, and gain professional experience


We would love to have your support. If you have any questions, send an email to and we will gladly help you.


Thank you very much for your interest in being part of the MICMX team